Anne and I live in North Thetford VT. Anne is also an artist.   

If you would like to see more of my work, or visit our North Thetford studios, please use the contact page. Or contact me:

I've always enjoyed drawing and painting. This was true during my school years and I found these skills useful as an architect. Today, with pastel work outside, I draw directly on sanded pastel paper to explore or transform what is around me. In the studio my approach is different. When there, I draw to transfer an idea I may have had in my mind for some time. And then I apply layers of paint to develop it. I sometimes add new subject matter thought up as I go along or objects from my studio which are right in front of me. I may go out and revisit a site and take an image if necessary. So the pastel work is more immediate, a reaction to the mood or spirit of a particular place. And the acrylics pull from memory or can be imagined or created from a period of observation. In either case I like to express the medium I am using so the viewer is aware of the use of the pastel stick or paint brush.